Pioneer of intelligent drug research and development technology
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Suzhou AlphaMa Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a new drug R & D company driven by big data and artificial intelligence (AI).
Backend on our AI technology platform and the DEL-AI integrated platform (DELAI), we develop tailored computational models and algorithm logic to quickly find active molecules for target verification and the subsequent hit-to-lead optimization. Our goal is to use AI and DEL technology to accelerate drug research and development, and bring to society drugs with clinical demand. We sincerely look forward to working with partners to achieve this goal.
Published general data of high quality drug research and development
Targeted massive data generated by in-house DNA Encoded Library (DEL)



  • Dec AlphaMa and Viva Biotech reached cooperation on iDEL screening technology
  • Dec Strategic cooperation between Simcere pharmaceutical and AlphaMa
Scientific Advisors

Xiaojie Lu

Expert in DNA-encoded library screening and synthesis

Mingyue Zheng

Expert in artificial intelligence drug design

Huaiyu Yang

Expert in target identification and drug development